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Joshua Barnes (a.k.a. Barbecue Barnsey) grew up on the North Coast of New South Wales near Australia’s Beef Capital and the perfect year-round climate for barbecuing outdoors.

Being Australian, barbecuing was ingrained in part of everyday life, but it wasn’t until Joshua’s family entered the Barbecue business that his interest & passion for barbecuing was sealed forever.

Working his way through college in a family owned BBQ retail store, Joshua learnt the technical side of barbecuing covering everything from building and fixing hundreds of barbecues & grills, to cooking demonstrations and educating people on the latest & greatest barbecues, grills, tools, fuels, tips and techniques.

Since then, Joshua has traveled the world in search of inspiring recipes and the opportunity to grow and share his knowledge and passion for barbecuing with like-minded people. Having experienced barbecues in over 20 countries including some of the world’s best and lesser-known barbecue destinations, it was time bring his many stories and learning’s to life.

Joshua joined with experienced food writer and food stylist Katy Holder on the Real Men Do it Outdoors BBQ cookbooks to create recipes that will inspire barbecuers everywhere.

In addition, Joshua has been lucky enough to find a way to combine his love of barbecuing and beer, by launching Fusion Brewing, the first beer company in the world to brew beers specifically to match with certain types of food, including Prime Beer a beer brewed specifically to match with BBQ meat!



Longueville Media – Publisher

Longueville Media is celebrating nine years of inspiring, intelligent client publishing for businesses, government, and community organisations.

Longueville Media is an independent Sydney-based book publisher and provider of publishing services founded by David Longfield in 2002. David decided to begin Longueville after a near-death experience in the Bolivian Andes left him determined to do what inspires him most.

Joshua first joined with Longueville Media in 2006 for the release of Real Men Do it Outdoors – The Blokes’ BBQ Cookbook.







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