Real Men Do it Outdoors: The Blokes’ BBQ Cookbooks

Real Men Do it Outdoors BBQ cookbooks explore the world’s most exciting BBQ destinations; Australia, United States, Asia, South America and some lesser know areas. Includes BBQ recipes, BBQ Sauces, cooking techniques, how to barbecue guide, plus many simple to follow hints & tips to help you enjoy your next barbecue!


Real Men Do it Outdoors: The Blokes’ BBQ Cookbook

Australia’s leading BBQ cookbook and how-to guide, Real Men Do it Outdoors: The blokes’ BBQ Cookbook is a celebration of the Aussie BBQ lifestyle. It passionately centers around great food, close friends, laughter and the outdoors.

This full color edition features over 75 recipe & lifestyle photographs showcasing easy to follow classic Aussie recipes and BBQ techniques, some with a twist, that are sure to impress your mates (friends) at your next BBQ.


Although barbecuing is an all encompassing term in Australia, the recipe collection focuses primarily on the tradition of outdoor grilling, with the addition of a cooking hood for indirect heat roasting for the more adventurous recipes. Favorites include: the perfect steak sandwich, butterflied leg of lamb, spicy pork ribs, whole BBQ fish, chicken kebabs, pizza, marinated lamb cutlets, various grilled prawns (shrimp), as well as starters, sides and desserts.


But because barbecues are not just about great tasting food, you’ll discover the answers to:

-          Topics to debate at a BBQ

-          Why barbecuing is better than sex

-          How to choose & build the perfect barbecue

-           Why it’s ok to spend your kids’ college fund on a new BBQ

-          A guide to barbecue etiquette

Real Men Do It Outdoors equips you with the essentials required to spend time outdoors having pointless debates about subjects that have no answers, events that never really happened, over a game of backyard cricket. Most importantly quality time set aside to have a laugh with your best mates, icy cold beer in hand, doing as little as possible.


Real Men Do it Outdoors – Around the World

After the successful release of Real Men Do It Outdoors… The Blokes’ BBQ Cookbook, Joshua has travelled around the world in search of international barbecuing inspiration for his latest book, Real Men Do it Outdoors… Around the World!

Real Men Do it Outdoors - BBQ CookbookIn The Blokes’ BBQ Cookbook, you learnt how Real     Men Do It Outdoors in Australia. Now you can discover how Real Men Do It Outdoors… Around The World.

Filled with adventure, humor and regionally themed BBQ recipes to impress your mates, it’ll take you on a journey to some of the most amazing and culturally flavorsome countries in the world.

Like The Blokes’ BBQ Cookbook, it’s a hybrid between a men’s lifestyle magazine and a traditional cookbook – similar in style to a female friendly men’s entertainment magazine, although cleaner in design with a higher quality finish.


In Real Men Do It Outdoors … Around The World, you’ll find Texas beef brisket, slow roasting by US Pit Masters, Patagonian lamb, Argentinean parrillas, Japanese sake clams, Middle Eastern kofta and tabouli, Brazilian churrasco and Italian wood fired pizzas.

But because barbecues aren’t just about great tasting food, you’ll discover:

- ‘Must visit’ guides to the world’s best barbecue locations

- A volcano-inspired fire lighting technique

- Best beers for international barbecues, and

- Amsterdam’s guide to smoking

Real Men Do It Outdoors … Around The World equips you with all the essentials to host internationally themed barbecues without leaving your own backyard. Get fired-up, a world of barbecuing awaits you!


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